I am currently an Industrial Engineering PhD student at Boğaziçi University. Check my CV to learn more about me.

Operations Research

Operations Research Definition
I enjoy mathematical modeling of optimization problems and solve them (especially on graph models). I developed a web applcaiton, AR-RO for famous Vehicle Routing Problem as my graduation project . On the other hand, my master thesis is about reoptimization of minimum vertex coloring problem on Unit Disk Graphs.

Computer Skills

I am using following software:

Design & Photography

Apart from those technical stuff, I also like to read/think about design and photography. I am a former member of web team group of Galatasaray University. Currently, I am maintaining website for a scientific conference on computer science, SIROCCO 2010. I own a Canos EOS 400D and take photos for fun. I am a huge fan of DPS weekly assignments, you can find my posts on flickr.

About the blog

Creativity… Sharing… Learning…

This is a science blog. I am especially interested in Combinatorial Optimization, Graph Theory and Algorithms. My intension is to create useful content dedicated to my research area. Blog entries will contain relevant resources like books and websites for hot problems in Operations Research. I will also share tips, tools, strategies helpful for pursuing an higher education. I believe and hope that I will expand my knowledge especially with your contributions and comments.

It is not easy to pursue a higher education and newer will be. But time is changed, a new era has begun, we have different technologies that can help us. 20 years ago, students were obligate to pass their times in the library to find articles/books and probably copy them to read at home. Another problem was delay. Now we have instant access to all of the publications from anywhere. We have LateX to prepare our documents, Jabref or Mendeley to organize citations. Suppose that you are looking for a definition, thanks to wikipedia, no more need to look at the books. Information is more accessible.

The blog will contain

  1. Tips for time management, studying
  2. Introductive presentations of my research interests
  3. Creative work on graph theory: visualization of graph theoretical concepts, problems
  4. Packages and tips for Matlab, Latex, R…
  5. Many more

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